Academic proposal

At Áleph, we design enriching and meaningful learning experiences that allow our students to consolidate the skills the national curriculum requires for each age group.
We use PBL (Project-Based Learning) as well as math, English and literacy labs to help our students obtain the best results, build congitive and emotional connections, enhance motivation, boost collaborative engagement, and invite students to reflect and take action.
A fundamental tool that helps us put into practice our philosophy is desing thinking, tied to PBL (project-based learning), which allows us to work in highly motivated and interdisciplinary groups, whith performance based on innovation and creativity. At Áleph, we encourage teamwork, systematic understanding of problems, the use of different persepctives during investigation which in turn helps students develop a broad range of academic and social emotional skills.

Áleph is an acronym for Active Learning and Philosophy, which is the methodology and philosophy that guides our purpose.

The Active Learning Philosophy proposes that students should practice active and collaborative learning to adapt to real world issues. At Áleph, students constantly explore, research, and work in teams on projects that incorporate a variety of disciplines, where students first design and then test the proposed solutions.