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Our educational methodology is aligned with research in neuroscience, as well as with the latest studies about meaningful and effective learning.

Our goal at Áleph is to form competent human beings, who understand and strengthen their abilities everyday through constant self evaluation, effort and community engagement. We view the school space as a large workshop where children learn to solve problems using rigor, creativity, innovation and a common sense of well-being.

We use curiosity as the motor that drives us to deepen our understanding of different topics or problems we wish to solve. At Áleph, the development of a child’s innate curiosity takes place using real and relatable contexts which the child engages with during their learning process. When we help children form an emotional connection – by incorporating their interests – with the learning process, we enable the development of meaningful learning, which positively impacts on the children’s ability to confront different types of situations in creative ways.

Developing social emotional skills and critical thinking skills gives children the confidence they need to confront different situations and to solve real world problems using divergent and original thinking.

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Progressive Learning Journey

This is the path our students will embark on to develop the skills they will need during their school life, and in the future.

Áleph English Program

The Áleph English Program: Our program allows students to reach their maximum potential as global citizens of the 21st century. Our methodology ensures that students not only understand grammatical rules and structures, but that they alspo aquire the ability to communicate in an effective way in everyday life situations, thus preparing them for success at a national and international level.

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We offer an education that challenges students in an integral way; one that is bilingual and interdisciplinary. We shape students with a solid foundation of knowledge, values and skills, which allow them to create strong, social relationships and to solve problems effectively.