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Admission Process

“Discover Áleph” Presentation

We have school presentations every month. To participate, you must fill out the contact form and the school’s admissions coordinator will contact you. The presentation takes place with our Pedagogical Leader, León Trahtemberg, our Co-Founder and Director of Pedagogical Design, Fiorella De Ferrari, and with our pedagogical team.

Complete the Admission process

After having been part of the “Discover Áleph” presentation or having had a previous meeting with the admission team, the coordinator will send you the application that must be completed by the date indicated.
The admissions coordinator will contact families to schedule an interview with a member of the admissions committee.
Within a maximum period of 10 days after the interview, the admission committee will send a welcome email (only to those admitted).

Pay the Admission Fee

Once the applicant is admitted, the parents must pay the amount corresponding to the admission fee at the BCP within a maximum period of 7 business days. The amount is detailed on the school website. After this date the vacancy will be released.
School contact with admitted families
The school will contact families admitted in November of the year prior to their child’s admission to begin the enrollment and reception process.

School Fees

Admission fee 2024-2025-2026

S/ 30,000*

School Fees 2024 - Nursery

S/ 1,750

School Fees 2024 – Pre-kinder and kindergarten

S/ 2,600

School Fees 2024 – Primary and secondary

S/ 3,270

*Ask for our current benefits. Applies to siblings of families enrolled in Áleph, families enrolled in La Casa Amarilla, collaborators and new applicants.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the main questions families have about Áleph.