Join Aleph!

We are an innovative educational community whose goal is to train bilingual research students and designers of successful solutions to real problems.

At Áleph, our academic proposal is based and inspired by successful pedagogical proposals from around the world.

We are a community that forms good citizens, guided by the common good, competent, autonomous and creative.

Being a school recognized for its excellence in training critical, creative and committed citizens, capable of designing innovative proposals to improve the quality of life of their community.


We seek to be a school that serves as a reference and training center for educators from all over the world.

Build a strong sense of community

Design experiences with high cognitive demand

Build a school where research is the way to learn, reflect and involve parents to, together, enrich the learning experience.

Áleph is part of Grupo Educativo Transforma which is made up of three other institutions:

We want to meet you!

At Áleph we are looking for new passionate professionals and leaders in education who want to join our team with the following attributes:

Curious, creative and innovative

Want to impact their community

Enjoy investigating and learning from your environment

Enjoy working as a team

If you want yo receive information about possible job opportunities, please complete the following form: