Áleph English Program

Discover the Aleph English Program (AEP), where your child’s potential as a global citizen of the 21st century blossoms into reality!

We prioritize a vibrant, multidisciplinary approach, transcending grammar to master effective English communication. This proficiency isn’t confined to Peru; it extends triumphantly onto the international stage.

In the AEP journey, we meticulously track progress through renowned WIDA English indicators, meeting stringent American standards. Our pride lies in showcasing their growth through prestigious Cambridge English Examinations, aligning with your child’s unique abilities.

Prepare your child for English excellence at Áleph, where each day paves the way to a brighter linguistic horizon!

Áleph Early Years

Embark on an Exciting English Adventure for Your Child!

Witnessing their language journey unfold and essential skills for confident and fluent English communication take root.

Envision your child immersing themselves in the magic of English, dedicating an impressive 50% of classroom time to this captivating language adventure.

Discover the power of our specialized Monster Phonics program, igniting a genuine passion for language learning and turning phonics into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

With dedication, we guide your child towards a world of language mastery and creative expression. Let’s join forces to unlock the immense English potential within your child!

Áleph Elementary

Empowering Young Voices: English Mastery with Confidence!

Áleph nurtures a passion for expressive English communication, transcending mere language skills.

Imagine your child immersed in age-appropriate texts, confidently articulating thoughts and feelings. Our vibrant approach integrates English seamlessly across subjects, creating an exciting, holistic learning adventure.

Dedicated to elevating your child’s English proficiency, our curated program ensures comprehensive language skill development.

Utilizing specialized tools like WIDA indicators, we personalize the learning journey to unlock your child’s potential. English learning with us is dynamic and enriching, inspiring your child to become a confident, articulate global citizen! 

Áleph Middle School

Discover the Power of English: Empowering Your Child's Journey!

At our school, English transforms into a potent tool for learning, self-expression, and impactful social interactions. Your child embarks on a linguistic adventure, paving the way for future prosperity through fluency.

Global triumphs await as they confidently tackle international English language exams, equipped with comprehension skills and effective language use. Tailored progress and inspiring learning form the roadmap, ensuring their unique linguistic journey is nurtured.

Excellence awaits with Cambridge International Language Examinations—our secret weapons to unlock their potential, propelling them towards English proficiency.

At Áleph, we craft an exhilarating journey of English learning, opening doors to boundless possibilities. Let’s collaborate to shape a future where your child thrives in the realm of language, embracing global opportunities!

Áleph High School

Empowering Future Leaders: Nurturing World-Ready Scholars

Dream big at Áleph, where we surpass the ordinary, fostering academic prowess and English fluency that propels students onto the global stage. They transform into World-Ready English Wizards, mastering academics and effective communication—genuine global citizens in the making!

Picture them triumphing in international English exams and opting for the prestigious international dual diploma, broadening horizons. Our toolkit includes Citizens High School in Florida and Cambridge International Language Exams (PET, FCE, CAE), guiding them toward linguistic mastery and academic triumph.

Join Áleph, where each step signifies a stride toward a future brimming with global potential. Let’s empower your child to conquer the world with confidence and grace!