About Áleph

We are an innovative educational community made up of children, parents and teachers.
Together we build meaningful learning experiences that allow us to grow as citizens and to design creative and innovative proposals that will better our quality of life and that of our community.

We are a bilingual school that is characterized by its commitment to investigation, creativity, and the design of fundamental strategies to construct knowledge. We view the school as a space for creative risk-taking and as an innnovation incubator.

Áleph is part of Grupo Educativo Transforma which is made up of three other institutions:

La Casa Amarilla

An Early Years institution with the objective of helping children reach their maximum potential through enriched everyday life experiences, a high level of partiticipation in community life for the families, learning experiences with high cognitive demand, and quality social interactions.


A learning accompaniment program for Early Years institutions (private and public) whose objective is to create educational spaces that inspire others and contribute to the development of Early Years education in Perú.


A center for professional development in education, which also offers consulting in Early Years and Primary education through different modalities like: workshops, exhibitions, postgraduate programs, advise, school visits, laboratories, and seminars. Dinámica aims to make an impact on the quality of Early Years and Primary education in our country and our region.