Áleph students are citizens of the world, capable of investigating and implementing innovative thinking that will impact possitively on our society.
We are fueled by curiousity, our desire to deepen our understanding of challenging issues in order to understand them, build a critical view, and with our creativity and leadership skills, convene and work in a collaborative way.
We are experts in project-based learning, connecting and intergrating disciplines to understand complex problems through investigation, the use of the scientific method, and implementing design thinking through the use of strategies from our “toolbox”.

Our empathy, English proficiency, and broad range of communication skills, prepare us to adapt to new contexts.

We are constantly searching for a common sense of wellbeing and our actions are coherent with our values. We feel sure of our decisions because we know that they are based on evidence and our constant motivation to do our best, to discover, to understand and to find solutions.